When you get home, put some Redline MTL in there and adjust your clutch. The Redline MTL will make the transmission shift a lot better, even if it has synchro issues. I've put it into Volvo transmissions that have over 200,000 miles and have been amazed at how smoothly the shifting action is once I do that. One transmission went from feeling like I was moving a stick through cement to feeling like I was using a hot knife to cut through butter. Anyway, been dealing with the same thing with my father's Volvo wagon, which I'm driving while mine is down for a head swap. Adjustment nut for the clutch cable seems to be a bit stripped, so it can engage at the top and sometimes at the bottom of the pedal travel.

The other thing you can do, if it gets to the point where it won't engage 1st when running, is to shut the truck off, engage 1st, then start it in gear. If it also becomes hard to upshift while driving, let off the gas, pull the shifter out of gear, then hold the shifter against the next gear's position. When the engine drops low enough in rpm, it'll pop right into gear. Essentially, drive it like a big rig, just without accelerating so slowly up to speed. This also works if you happen to injure your left leg/foot and can't comfortably operate the clutch. A couple months ago, my left knee was being very tempermental (I have gout). Was fun to try to get in and out of the car. I essentially only used the clutch to get going or to engage reverse.

Another tip, if you find that a manual transmission vehicle is hard to get into reverse, engage 1st, roll forward a few inches, then try again. Should avoid crunching into reverse by doing that.

Anyway, back onto the topic at hand. Good to see that the cameras are on their way again.