I recently acquired a Rapid Omega 200 and having owned a Koni Omegaflex M (giant TLR) previously, am fairly comfortable with many aspects of the system. However I find myself with some questions specific to the Rapid/Koni RFs:

How fiddly should lens mounting be? With the 'flex, the lens board mounting was pretty straightforward. Not so much with the Rapid, especially with the 180 (the long pins.) Am I just inept, is this normal or should I be worried about my example? Will practice help?

On my example, the shutter cocking lever return spring on the body does not work. This did not manifest itself until I got the 58 which does not return the cocking stud on the lens to its original position. All sorts of jamming mischief results. Might this be a reasonable DIY fix? From looking on the web, it would seem to be not rocket science but aside from bending one of the coils tangent to create an attaching loop I will not have access to a replacement spring. Is this a viable strategy?

The light seal between the body and magazine is failing (about a quarter of it fell out.) Again, not rocket science but a potential PITA. If I can't talk Jon Goodman (oh please, oh please) in to cutting one for me, what materials and techniques would you use?

Just out of curiosity, what (if anything) is under the "hood" on the tops of the long lenses back at the mount?

Thanks, j