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Well, in editing my first post and attempting to get rid of the incorrect photo the link to the simple shutter speed tester got deleted so here it is:
read through the entire post first as the latter posts are the most up to date.

When checking a shutter by eye position the shutter so that you can see the shutter blades and the second hand of a watch or clock. A clock with a sweep hand is best.
Set the shutter to the 1 second setting, set the shutter, trip just as the second hand is in line with a second mark. The shutter should open and close just as the second hand gets to the next second mark.
Set the shutter to the 1/2 second setting and repeat. The shutter should open and close just as the second hand reaches the mid point before the next second mark.
Set the shutter to the next higher speeds in sequence and verify that the speed increases until you get to the 1/50~1/60 then set to the next slowest speed and verify it is longer than the previous.

Normally if the 1 and 1/2 second speeds are correct the rest will be reasonably correct up to 1/100 second. Speeds faster than 1/100 use a booster spring and the condition of that spring and wear on the shutter determine if the fast speeds are good.
I'm sort of hoping von Hoegh will click on and chime in on a little situation I'm having to deal with. Lacking illustrations, this question can be described adequately verbally. Specifically I'm inquiring about a proper glue for a purpose. What I have here is the shutter-close spring has gotten weak over the years. Lacking any small gauge spring-steel stock I'm forced to go with the original spring. Because of this I cannot tighten down the 5 shutter hinge screws that hold down the top shutter plate. I have to leave the screws a bit on the loose side to keep from squeezing the shutter blades between the top and bottom plate. No real matter, but I think I ought to paint on some sort of glue to keep the 5 shutter blade screws from backing out any more than they are. But what kind of glue can you paint on these screws and the surrounding flat surface to keep the screws in place? Of course, the best remedy is to obtain some proper spring-steel stock and make a new spring, which wouldn't be all that difficult. Then I could snug up the shutter-hinge screws and end the matter. Thanks.