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I know I keep busting your butt about this, but mostly I just kid about it, however it demonstrates a good point here.

You took a street image that was crooked, very obvious, and didn't straighten it, it looked amateurish to me, and I asked about it and you said it was a street shot and you didn't have time to frame it or you wouldn't get the shot.

So how do you feel about the integrity of that image? You like it, I know you do,,and wouldn't have gotten it if you had taken more time, does this give you less integrity as a photographer?

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It hasn't got dick anything to do with "integrity" of the image, or the photographer. A photographer was there, irrespective of the lens he used, he shot the scene. What's the hue and cry here that the shot should be technically perfect, compositionally pleasing, in-focus and "straight"? God, blah, blah, blah about silly peripheral subjects. Why should on-the-spot street/docu photography have to meet other people's standards?