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On another note, I first started seeing this pervasive use of ultra wides in early 1990s skateboard photography...
This is interesting to me, the early '90s were a low-point in skateboarding with not much money around.

The first use of fisheyes for (published) skate photography was in the late '70s by Warren Bolster, they were de rigueur by the '80s. Glen Friedman used ultra wides (17mm) in the late '70s too. When the big money came into skateboarding around 2000 photographers started to use medium format fisheyes.

The fisheye was first considered useful as it allowed the ramp and the skater to be in the shot when the skater was very high (for example: http://www.dennyburk.com/Stuff/ChristAir.jpg), later it was exploited as the distortion made everything look bigger / higher.