Well, just one general thought about this new Lomography film.
I think the most interesting aspects about this film is the following:

- it is a new film, not a re-labeled product
- it is made (so far) in extremely tiny quantities (about only 10,000 rolls; which is next to nothing in film production; even niche BW film types are produced in bigger volumes).

Therefore this film is busting the apug-myth that colour film can only be produced in huge quantities.
Probably this film is coated on a pilot coating machine, which normally is used for test coating runs.

Of course that is only possible because a much bigger colour film production (of other products) is behind all this, delivering all the needed infrastructure.
But perhaps that production model could be the gate for more niche colour films in future, which supplement the high volume main stream films.

By the way, it is always interesting to see when apug-myths are busted ;-) :
Some months ago the myth that photo colour film production is completely dependent on movie film production was busted: Fuji stopped movie film production (with the exception of their Eterna archival films), but continued colour photo film production.
Or the myth that small(er) BW only manufacturers are safe: Fotokemika proved the opposite (and before that Kentmere, ERA and Forte did, too.....).

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