Tentative Schedule:

Friday 5 PM: Welcome. Anyone camping please continue on down the driveway past the first house (ours). Just before the second small house there is a car wide path off to the right in the grass. Please drive up that to where it opens into a mowed field. Set up your gear any place you like. Remember there is lots of poison ivy in the woods. In the NE corner of that open field there is a path up to our house. Come on up anytime after 5 PM.

Friday since people will arrive at different times please order what ever drink, pizza or sandwich you would like from: Teressa’s Pizza, 4174 Wheatly Rd. Richfield, OH - 330-659-9555. To find them from our house, go east on Everett to the light. Go north on Brecksville Rd. to the second light at Wheatly Rd. Terresa’s is in the little shopping center on the right. There is a Subway next door if they have something more to your preference.

For those on the turnpike Terresa’s takes about 20-30 minutes on Fridays. Call ahead. Your exit is 173.

Friday night we will talk, show prints and eat, some of my favorite things.

Saturday 9 AM: Gather by the pond door of the house. If there is some place you want to go to shoot. Please post, maybe others want to go there and will join you. Lee G has mentioned the Civil War reenactment at Hale Farm. The OH Farm Museum is 1.4 mies from our house. The Flats are 30 minutes north of here. I have giveaway maps of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for you.

Saturday 5 PM meet back at the house. We will go for an early dinner at Musketeers Bar & Grille, 3027 Brecksville Rd, Richfield, OH. Tel: 330-659-4111. Afterward come back here, talk, show prints, tell lies and plan for tomorrow.

Sunday 10 AM Brunch Richfield Family Restaurant 4793 Brecksville Rd, Richfield, OH 44286 tel:330-659-9862 just south of the OH Turnpike entrance. Shoot before and after.

Thanks for coming.

He who would herd cats.