New prices and updated list of available items:

Two: Canon 85mm bright line. $55 shipped CONUS, $55 plus shipping worldwide.
Three: Leica VIOOH, AKA IMARECT, AKA 35-135mm zoom. $45 shipped CONUS, $45 plus shipping worldwide.
Five: Leica leather cases. I'm not sure what model they are for, but they are rated in terms of overall shape and priced accordingly. $20 for both that are left (best and worst condition out of the three).
Eight: Leica Synchronblitzer in good shape, minimal corrosion. $10 plus shipping.
Twelve: Canon early model camera holder with case. Did not fit the particular IVSB I had, so must be for the real early ones. $10 plus shipping.
Thirteen: Canon Lens Hoods: W-60 x2, S-60. Should fit the FL series 50/55mm. $10 for all three, plus a screw-in hood for the EX 125mm f/3.5.
Fourteen: Olympus Stylus Epic. Pano switch version sold, still have non-pano switch version: $30 plus shipping.
Fifteen: Original Yashica T model (precursor to the famed T3, T4 versions). Does not turn on, but wound film to starting point. Missing sliding top cover. $5 plus shipping.
Sixteen: Konica Big Mini. The one with backlight comp, silver. Turns on, but will not take a photo. Now have another one with issues and a Konica A4. $10 plus shipping for all 3.
Eighteen: Leica red box for "Sliding focusing copying attachment" catalog number 70,325, some seams are taped up. $5 plus shipping.
Twenty: Leica M39/LTM extension tube set labeled as "Univ. Repro. M 1:1.5, 1:1. Heavy brass construction, with patina. $10 plus shipping.