Hi Bill, There was a bit of technical info about slight extension of the bleach step helping the problem on this thread or related threads but one should not have to deal with such modification steps, after all, this is intended to be "normal slide film"

Unfortunately a large amount of defective film was "Dumped" on us unsuspecting photographers, get your Aviphot Chrome 200 from Wittner-Cinetec in bulk and 36x 35mm rolls, perhaps Wittner-Cinetec could send out a big roll from Agfa to Foma, Ilford, or PhotoStar/Tura to be packed in 120 for us.

I just recieved 5 rolls of the Lomochrome Purple 400 in 120 size today and it looks to me like Foma packed it, the spool and backing paper look like it is from Foma, I peeled off a sticker and underneath it says "Lomography 400 Color negative film" hence it looks like Foma cuts and packs certain Lomography 120 films.

Here is an exclusive look at the box!