I have rebuilt 4 batteries with the NiMH battery cells sold on eBay from Chinese vender. Conversion was easy. I thought I had to buy a new charger and did. Later on I found out I could use the old N style charger. You just have to lift battery out after charge is complete and then reinsert and let it charge another cycle. New batteries have much more capacity there fore take more charging cycles with old charger. I did not think it would work at first but it does. You can shoot for hours and not run these new cells out. I have used them in my 6008I2, my 6003 and my 6006 with no problems. Just have to take it slow when you disassemble old pack and make sure you solider the correct battery leads back in place on new cells. Replacement cell packs are $35. The only bad thing is waiting for them to arrive from China, very slow shipping.