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Well, you are absolutely right on this.
How long this film type will be still available is only dependent on the rate of sales = speed of depleting the stock.
Agfa Aviphot Chrome 200 is not used a lot as aerial film anymore, low demand from this side of the market.
The main demand is from 'normal' photographers now, who buy this film labeled as
- Rollei CR 200
- Rollei Crossbird
- Lomography X-Pro Slide 200
- Wittner Chrome 200D.

It is quite easy to get information about the question whether a film is still in production or not. Ask the manufacturer about his capability to deliver big amounts of film for the next 5-10 years. If they say no, you know they are only selling their last stock (by the way, companies interested in a long term supply of this film have asked Agfa and get exactly that answer: no long term supply of bigger volumes possible).

Wittner (and all the other small format film companies) would prefer to offer the much better Fuji colour reversal films to their customers. For a long time they are now asking Fuji to deliver pancakes, ready to invest more than a million dollar for that.
But so far Fuji is unfortunately ignoring that.
Fuji could sell much more reversal film if they would listen.

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So why did kodak's entire stock of Ektachrome deplete so quickly then?
It only lasted around 8 months max like they estimated!
I really miss the kodak stock big time, but i feel positive that we sill still see film as a niche market with the likes of the new ferrania stock announced.