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It's certainly POSSIBLE, and has advantages and some people are doing it. But the challenges and learning curve are certainly more than Ilfochrome or Type R were and more than scanning and printing, at least for anyone who already knows the basis of scanning, post manipulating and printing anything.
I never did my own color printing, but my printer in the 70's and 80's preferred internegatives to having to contrast mask Cibachrome, and neither of us really liked the type R of that time. His 35mm internegatives of 35mm slides lost some detail, but medium format internegatives held up very well. One of the issues he had with Cibachrome was the loss of delicate color, for example faint pinks that would go white. I don't know if things got better since then, as I stopped getting prints from slides, preferring to just project.
I did love some Cibachromes I had made, but others were just more intense than what I wanted. That is, it sort of amped up softer images.

Anyway, without type R or Ilfochrome, internegatives are still a viable method to print slides if scanning is not desired.