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Rsvp for dinner on Sat. And breakfast on Sun.

Will get in late on Friday, crash in Montrous. Will scope out Hale early and if it looks like a cluster of tourists, i may cut my losses. Is anyone really set on going in? That is a deciding factor if others are going.

My cell is 937-294-3117

I've done my re-enactments a few years ago. It was fun then, using 35mm but the tourists & their children are a pain. It's a difficult thing unless you can corner someone into a portrait when no one is around to stare and ask silly questions.... imho and then, there's the inevitable question. what do you do with the pics? However, I may change my mind and carry the hassy free-hand with the neck strap :0 eight-one-four-five-six-six-four-six-one-eight