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Wow. I think these are fascinating. By comparison my job and life are as boring as hell. You cannot imagine how grateful I am that you guys do what you do. If you didn't, nobody else would. And then the rest of us would all be in big trouble.

I'd like to see more, if that's possible. Can you say where in Africa?


We were in Djibouti. The Navy has a small base there. I enjoy my job, and will miss it when I retire. But I am glad I can share the photos.

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Very cool - I actually like the processing "errors"; gives the shots a more gritty feel and adds to the story of where and the conditions under which they were shot.

Look forward to seeing more!
The messed up photos have started to grow on me. I'm just glad they turned out at all.

The large format photos from Hurricane Sandy did not precess well at all. Most were unusable. This was the only one that came out:

Here's some 35mm ones:

Even though it's a 35mm shot, it prints up to 16x20" with great detail:

We got to go have fun too: