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I am actually looking for input and deciding between a Rollie SL66 and a Hasselblad. Whatever input/advice you can offer will be weighed and . Thanks.
Greetings Dan !
As mentioned here frequently, they're both excellent pieces of equipment. I had a partner who was a huge fan of Rollei whereas I've always been a Hasselblad shooter. He tried to convert me over and over again. One Saturday afternoon we went to a place called Dover Photo in Dover, NJ close to Hasselblad when it was in Fairfield. A friend of ours from HP Marketing walked into the shop, HP at the time was the distributor for Rollei in the US. They ganged up on me both trying to convince me that Roillei was better than Hasselblad.

10 minutes after this argument started, the door to this shop opened up again and Skip Cohen who was President of Hasselblad America at the time, wandered in to join what had become like a cracker barrel discussion. NOW we had a full-blown argument cooking that lasted nearly an hour. But you know, no one prevailed over the other. Skip conceded The Rollei was a great camera whereas Bobby Saloman from HP agreed Hasselblad too was just as excellent.

I think the best advice for you at this point is find a place and either borrow or rent both of them with a lens of preference at the same focal length for both bodies. Learn the basics about them from the sales guy (or gal), score a bunch of film, black and white and color and then go shoot them for a weekend. See which one feels most comfortable to you to handle both ergonomically and pricewise. Maybe for kicks, check out current resale value and do some research on available and cost of accessories. I can also tell you that service for all my Hassie gear is readily available for CLA's and such at fairly affirdable rates. Don't know about the Rollei gear but you might check that out too but mechanically, I think both are quite reliable.

I could suggest to you in this quandary to buy one of each, but nah. I know how torn I was between a Hasselblad 500C at the time and a Minolta RZ67. Besides, as a Hasselblad user, I'm a certified shopping enabler and currently in treatment to stop doing what I can't help.

Whichever you choose, I hope you really enjoy it, use it in good health and please let us know how it turns out.