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An Ermanox is only worth a lot of money if it's in good condition with it's original lens, and even then only some models with the high speed lenses are valuable.

In reply to Summucron1's comment the lenses on the Ermanox were exceedingly large in comparison to other cameras because of their fast speed f1.8.

This camera looks more like it's designed for use with a microscope or similar instrument, it's too simple to be anything else.

Thanks Ian, yeah its always the lens that is worth money, a lens will always focus light the same, camera bodies and formats change and become obsolete, it could be something scientific perhaps with the mounts at the top to fix it onto something.

I will be using this camera and adding my own lens to make some small compact images the Luc shutter is pretty fast (although a set speed) might be nice to shoot if I cut up paper negatives, would just need to find a holder for them!