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So why did kodak's entire stock of Ektachrome deplete so quickly then?
It only lasted around 8 months max like they estimated!
The answer is very simple: Demand has been very high, compared to supply.

That exactly proves what I've written in my post: The Super8 and 16mm film users are desperately looking for colour reversal film.
Kodak is ignoring the demand and has stopped production.
Since then all the very active small format film companies, who are cutting and spooling colour and BW reversal film, like Wittner, GK etc. are looking for quality alternatives.
Best alternatives are of course all the Fuji colour reversal films.
Therefore the small format companies are asking Fuji for quite a long time now for delivering material. Material worth more than one million dollar. We are not talking about peanuts here.
Of course such a demand really helps supporting the E-6 film production at Fuji.
But so far, unfortunately no answer from Fuji.

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