I have a Saunders LPL enlarger and I went recently through the pain of trying to use the color head that came with it for printing B&W. If you print straight say you figure you need the equivalent of #3 filter for the entire film then you may get away with using the color head. If you need to do split printing or your negative was not evenly exposed and you have to change the filtration on each and every test through to the final print you will get fed up pretty fast with the waste of time using a color head for BW work.
I was lucky to have close by the store that still sells enlargers parts and accessories and simply exchanged the color dichroic head with a VCCE Variable Contrast Module (I paid some extra because VCCE modules are more expensive). On the VCCE module you switch filtration from 00 or 0 to 3 or 5 turning one button - no waste of time at all. I hope this helps