A week ago an old friend emailed that she had her late fathers old Leica and wanted to know what to do with this old camera. I immediately wrote back that she should pack it up and send it to me so that I could dispose of it in a proper and respectful way and she did!

I now have a very early M3 DS, 50mm f:2 collapsible Summicron in pretty good condition, a 3.5cm f:3.5 wide angle that looks like it was hardly used, and a 9cm f:4 Elmar with some fungus on one of the inner elements. There is also a Leica meter MC that is not original to the kit and still seems to function well.

The condition of the camera is a little rough. Someone tried to remove the original meter without knowing how and ripped the accessory shoe off so I can't use the meter or mount a flash. The shutter seems to be accurate to my ear, but I will test it when I have a chance. There is a nasty ding next to the film advance lever that appears to not effect the function.
Film advance is silky and aside for some cosmetic issues I think that I got a great deal.

My plan is to shoot some APX 400 this weekend and try to get a feel for the camera and lenses, but then what do I do?

I would appreciate any ideas on my approach with this camera and as I paid nothing for it I am thinking of a CLA and some repairs.

Some immediate questions are what can be done with the 90mm Elmar as far as the fungus goes? I guess that I will have to shoot it this weekend and see how it looks. How do I use the 3.5 cm wide angle as the viewfinder does not show the field for this lens and I don't have an external viewfinder or any way to mount the finder yet.

I will try to post some pictures of the kit next week as it has a few more issues that need help.

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