I have the basic parts for the larger lens, just went out to buy the barrel:

Rubber gasket - unfortunatly the lenses don't hold in at the moment as the barrel is 110mm and so are the lenses, the seals are slightly larger but can probably sort out by packing out the sealing surface

There is a lip in the centre (there were some without) but I will use this to hold the waterhouse stops in the centre

Needs a clean but this is just a test lol

150mm f1.3 - it looks amazing on the ground glass, it looks almost 3D

I really need to use my other camera lens but this is it stopped down using some cardboard - guessing around f15

This lens will be called the Q1, in honour of the Carl Zeiss super-Q 40mm f0.33 lens, the Q stood for "Quatsch" translation 'Nonsense' lol