Hi All,
Like several people here, I've been shooting digital for several years now and enjoying it, but getting the feeling that it's just to easy to blaze away and not think enough about what you're doing. So, I thought about getting back into film photography. Then whilst I was visiting my Mum, I mentioned that I'd been looking at some old cameras on E-bay. "You mean like this one", she said and got my Dad's old camera out of the cupboard. Its a Franka Rolfix from about 1953, shooting 6*6 or 6*9 on 120 film and still with the 6*6 mask. I remember when we used to go on holiday with it taking one or at most two rolls of film. You clearly had to think a bit more about what was worth picturing. I was amazed to still see it as my Mum is a bit of a thrower-out of old stuff, but it clearly had some sentimental value. However, she let me have it as I was promising to actually use it. It seems in good order apart from probably slow shutter speeds on the slower settings. So, I'm now busy buying film and eyeing up the bathroom for a darkroom conversion . It looks like everything I need can be bought from somewhere so I can't wait to get started.