I fall in love with analog photography one or two years ago.
I live in Ireland, I sent my negatives to the UK.

To be honest I didn't fall love with the labs I tried. None of them (I tried two labs with my slides) were able to scan slides in proper quality.

I didn't asked for professional service, I admit. I just wanted to have a scan which is share-able on the web.
But they were not able to scan Velvia, none at all. The projected slide looks beautiful, the colors are very natural. By the first lab Velvia 100 scans were unnaturally red, furthermore obscure and over-saturated at the same time. Velvia 50 was not too bad. I tried a second lab with another roll of Velvia 50. The scan was purple instead of blue, the colors were not even close to the projected colors.

Any recommendations? Should I use Provia instead, or sell all my analog stuff and by a 5D?