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With Ferrania possibly re-entering the film manufacturing market (including E6), there seems even less point in Ilford/Harman getting involved with colour.

On a totally different subject, but as it's been brought into this thread, it does sadden me when people go on about there being little manufacturing in the UK today.There isn't as much as here used to be, but it still plays a major part in the economy. Even vehicle manufacture is thriving - there are at least 3 Japanese car plants here (Toyota, Nissen & Honda), plus the BMW owned Mini plants (all very successful), lots of niche car makers - Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lotus, Morgan, Aston-Martin, Jaguar and of course Land Rover (sadly mostly foreign owned). A recent "Top Gear" TV programme brought together all of these & the other vehicle manufacturers with UK plants eg buses, tractors, JCB's, fire engines etc etc, with a huge display in London. There are companies making components, drug manufacturing companies, photographic goods (Harman, Kodak, Paterson, Secol etc) and much more - the list is endless.
Plus, most Formula One teams are based in the UK, building the coolest cars around!

Ilford should sponsor McLaren!