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Here is the chart I have taped to the front of my enlarger. The numbers are transcribed from the Ilford data sheet.
These are the two filter settings that will give you consistant exposures through the middle grades.

If you test and compare, you probably will find that the multigrade #5 filter will get you a little more contrast than the color head. This is one reason I still have a multigrade filter set, but I can't remember the last time I actually used it, except for doing that test.

For simplicity, I use the Ilford settings for all vc papers I work with.
When I used a 45MX as my main enlarger, I had a 45S head on it and did the very same thing. After awhile, I started to remember my most often used settings and it was a breeze. Of course, more "breezy" still is the VCCE head on my LPL 4500 XLG..