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Don't forget the 2000 series Hasselblad bodies that had instant return mirrors and focal plane shutters, if you want to play around with odd lenses. They can be a lot cheaper than the Rolleiflex SL/SLX bodies, and for the most part they're newer with better parts supply. And they have a faster top shutter speed too! (1/2000th). I'm actually contemplating getting one and/or a Kiev 88 so I can play with weird lenses on the cheap (the Kiev fisheye is a super-bargain in comparison to the Hasselblad 30mm).
GREAT points ! I always forget about the 2000 series although once I almost accidentally bought a 2000 series lens to wear on a 500CM. Oops. Didn't know about their instant return mirror either. I've always been a bit hesitant on the Kiev knock-offs since I've heard stories about compatibility problems and accessories not quite fitting correctly.