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FACT : If Oil is not becoming scarce then the price would be falling.

I COULD your read your post as an indication that as Saudi Arabia's oil production is in decline. Be careful how you read things. You need to look at all the facts. PE said that "prices are going up ". Well we all know that is very true. How much were you paying for a gallon of gas when Clinton was in office? Price is driven by supply AND demand. China has more than doubled their oil use in their period. Oil production has not kept up with world wide demand. Even if supply goes up but demand goes up MORE the price will not fall.
The price of oil is far more than a simple supply vs demand equation. Politics is an enormous part of it. Oil production is increasing and at a rate almost unthinkable a short time ago. Something that is scarce becomes hard to find, such as Provia 400X.