Like Ken Rockwell or hate him, I happen to like Ken's blog from time to time. On his "Today's Updates" page posted today is this gem of a passage in the section entitled "How to Shoot Film:"

This entire site has always been about shooting film, so it makes me giggle that this site's been around long enough that there are kids today who've never even taken a real photograph.

All the digital camera stuff is in response to your requests, and therefore as film's popularity continues to explode, I finally wrote How to Shoot Film for those who've asked.*
Ken is certainly more in touch with the wide world of photography than I am but does anyone really believe there is any validity to this? Or, is it just sarcasm? It would be great if it were true. I'd love to know how he came to this conclusion but so far he hasn't filled me in.

You can read the whole posting here:

* (The emphasis is mine)