The above EBAY listing now over on about 8-3-13 was the lens I've bought. That's what this whole thread is about--following me through a first time Betax procedure. Never again to be a self-proclaimed expert of naptha-dipping boobs. Each repair that isn't like the repetitious ones of the past; is refreshing. This one was an discovery adventure to un-doing the effects of age and part-bending tinkerers to get it to work. What they were fighting was a worn-out shutter-return spring, and their own inability to unscrew a screw without chewing it up. In 101 years since the engraved 1912 dating, I figure about 5 different guys had been into this. I do thank god they managed to pass on perfect glass without so much as a cleaning mark. And now the shutter is back to Stage 1 cancer. Still needs me to find a piece of spring steel wire and twist up a quick shutter-return spring. I can now lay that thing out on a table and have it back together like a new one lickity-split. Look at the ad. Is this any good? Thanks.