I agree somewhat with KR. Personally I don't feel that film use is "exploding" but I do get the sense that there is a renewed interest in traditional black and white photography. My journey into photography only started out about 5 years ago when I was in Japan and purchased a Nikon DSLR. Then one day I inherited a whole box of darkroom equipment and I've been hooked on black and white film ever since. I now also own a Hassy and some 35mm cameras. I don't know whether it is by accident or not but I've noticed a lot of younger people taking up film. I like to think of film like vinyl records.... not the most convenient thing but has a uniqueness that cannot be truly replicated in the digital world and therefore there will always be a market for it. Another reason I love using film is because I can make photographs without any computer or electronic device taking part (ok ok except for light meter and enlarger). I think this is making film quite a lot of fun for younger generation since we spend so much time at work on computers. I cannot see my interest in photography continuing without film playing a large part. I'd love to see some sort black and white starter kits being sold to build some more momentum though.... something with everything you need to get up and running eg, 35mm camera, film developing equipment and enlarger..... I think a kit like this would sell well these days as younger people start to realise that you can actually do it all yourself at home! Anywayz... I'm rambling.... my 3 cents