Frankly I have to thank him as he is the reason why I ended shooting film.
Back in 2008 he did many film articles and I ended convinced that it was easier to use my dad's old nikon for a family event then buying a new DSLR. The results stunned me, even being cheap C41.
The slippery slope brought me to even shoot kodachrome, as the first ever slide film I shot. It brought me experiences many other young shooters haven't got.

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I don't like KR... although i used to read his site all the time as well, haven't in months, and only for a glance. i thought he was all about photography, but his end goal is money (as is everyones, but as a photography site, i'd think there should be more than just getting as many readers to click on his links), which is the reason he moved to NY, when amazon was gonna be forced to pay taxes (something along those lines).
As a newbie he can suck you in; I used to be a daily follower but when I saw that much of his goal is money and he has a bit of opulence around I dropped. However, I continue to read from time to time and he does a few good articles every once in a while. With some BS filtering it's alright.

Another great article was published a while ago, called "Disposable photos" and sadly true.