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It was my first time to see such a modular lens...
The inner lenses are mounted in threaded lens holders. All of the lens groups seem to have matching threads, even the back lens, so I could rebuild the lens like this:
() )( )( S ()
or this
() S () )( )(
or this
() S )( )( ()

I think the seller was genuine, maybe made a mistake while cleaning.
For me here in Australia, cost of shipping makes returning a very expensive option, so I'll be keeping the lens.
If I was in the USA I probably would not.
It seems to cover 8x10 - I'll post a sample this weekend for anyone interested.
Thanks for your comments everyone.
Those inner biconcave elements have different radius curves on each side. How do you know they're in the right way?
There should be pencil markings on the edges of each element, put on at the Goerz factory to show the proper orientation of the elements. Are they still there? Did you follow them (if you can decipher them) when you reassembled the lens?