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Have a great time, David. Are you going with Bill Schwab?

Whatever you bring - keep it simple.
Yes, the Schwab tour.

Simple is what I'm after, hence the "1 film" desire. Also, light weight. I had really settled on 35mm and was just experimenting with films to find the best alternative ("for me" !!!). I had pretty much given up 35mm film and done nothing but 120 for the last several years. But most of that is with the RB and it doesn't travel well. So, 35mm seemed a good kit for a trip like this. Plus, it shares lenses with my other technology body.

I love my Fuji 645 - it is normally my "travel" (read: tourist) camera, but it only has that one lens.

So, I'm considering just taking my Mamiya TLR instead. The body and 3 lenses is about the same weight as the 35mm and 3 lenses, and not significantly larger. It also does not need batteries, and I could just use the film I'm used to and be done with it. Of course, then I have those square negatives, and it may look as if I'm trying to imitate Bill Schwab ...

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I'd try to jettison every expectation and desired image from my head, as well as everybody else's images from there I'd ever seen, and open myself to whatever that amazing landscape offered.
Good advice, and no problem there. I was a music major, and so the different drummer I have to follow is me.