Something's going on - My son has just come back from NY, having stayed out there for a couple of weeks with his GF (her parents presently live there). He went with my little panasonic digi which I virtually never use, and came back with zero digi pix and 4 x disposable cameras. I asked him why and he said disposables are more fun. Now he's just gone out to France, and he's taken my olympus trip. I certainly haven't been force-feeding him film and most of the time he just uses the ubiquitous iphone, but, something's definitely going on with film. Exploding? maybe not, but it ain't dying just yet. I wonder if any of the mainstream camera companies might just re-introduce a film camera. With all this retro-looking digi stuff, and the whole "vintage" movement out there, I wouldn't be surprised. Fuji X100 for film anyone? Even the cases are retro I probably look really up to date now with my brown leather ever-ready's LOL