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Does not high prices paid in the Commodities market for oil futures constitute demand? I said demand NOT consumption.
I'm thinking about demand more from consumer point of view. I remember just before stock market collapsed, almost from everywhere (radio,tv, press) there was one message: "demand is so high and oil reserves so low that we can forget about gasoline below $5 very soon (prices in NY were over $4 close to 5 back then) what happened next we all know. Prices went down to ~$1.50 and the same "experts" were saying that in gasoline price at the gas station up to 70% is driven by speculation. Now prices are up again. I do not think anyone can believe that this is demand and supply what causes it. If real free market forces would work than we would not need all of those Bailouts to "save" the free market. And again the same experts who were so against any government market regulations since I remember, were the biggest supporters and advocates for recent Bailouts.

2+2 does not equal 4 anymore unfortunately.