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...one of those things to wear over your eyes to block out the light when you sleep is a heaven sent when the sun refuses to set.
Reminds me of the trip I made in '70 from Seattle to Fairbanks AL, then to Mt. McKinley (Denali N.P.). Had driven for 14 hrs/day for 5.5 days in my Land Rover to get there and was exhausted - didn't need the dark eye shades, sent up my tent at Wonder Lake (end of the road in the park). Went sound asleep, awoke at 4a.m. to find that I'd missed the sunrise by a couple hrs and the atmosphere was crystal clear. There was Mt. McKinley in all its glory. Fanatical shooting made for some wonderful images, but still I missed the sunrise colors. Over the next few days I found myself extremely tired until I realized the total hours I was spending shooting each day, making use of the daylight hours. Sunsets lasted about an hour and a half, never needed to use headlights for driving. Lord, those were the days!!! That was at about the same latitude as Iceland, just outside the Arctic Circle. Have a fantastic trip, David.