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Only semantically and barely. If it's "demand" at all it's artificially created at best.

If I had my way anyone who bought oil would have to take physical delivery of it and same with futures, no more trading certificates representing oil. Yes I know that wouldn't be practical. Sure would bring down the price of oil though.
I knew a guy a few streets over who installed a gas tank at his property and was buying gas like a gas station at like wholesale prices a few years ago.

He was reported and shut down, not for safety reasons but because the oil company complained that he wasn't having to pay full price at the tank because he was buying it wholesale, he wasn't selling the gas except to himself, but the delivery truck guy was the one who reported it to his boss, and the oil conglomerate had him shut down.

Sounds like he found a way to save money and they killed it because they didn't want it to catch on...

I'm all for capitalism if its just capitalism but lobbyists and companies that buy their way into winning upset me.

It's the same with oil prices, they control the prices, period, there's no reason why it's $4/gallon here and $15/gallon in Europe when the gas is closer to there...

It's just all BS...

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