History is something we are doomed to repeat.

I believe it has always been rare for young people to think that history is anything but boring. Most young people have no idea of the history of their own digital toys. To many of them Apple and Nintendo has always been and Steve Jobs is an old guy who died recently and someone wrote a book about him.

As some have already said, most people don't know the history of important world events that have occurred in the past 50 years. It should be no surprise that the names of some relatively obscure photographers would not ring a bell. Face it, there is a ton of important photographic history that most of us do not remember, if we ever knew. George Eastman is the well known founder of Kodak but does anyone know the two people who were his very important early partners, without which it is doubtful that Kodak would ever have come about. And just what was George Eastman's first product?