Probably two months ago I was in my usual liquor store. I had a camera with me and the man ringing up the sale mentioned he had a Nikkormat FTn but hasn't used it in ages, preferring to use his phone. Didn't even think you could get film for it anymore. So when I left I went to the car, grabbed a roll of Tri-X, went back in and put it in his hand. I told him if he shot it I would process it, make a contact sheet and print him an 8x10 or some 5x7s, free of charge. Just so he could work that Nikon again.

Tonight I was back there (because, you know, I needed my medicine), and he told me he had the film on the dresser and was going to load it tonight because he is going to San Francisco for a week and was going to 'try and take some black and white pictures'. He was really excited about the prospect; it was great. I felt like some kind of latter-day Johnny Appleseed.