And therein lies his genius. KR understands that gear is almost completely irrelevant to photographic results, so he bangs out his reviews and the gearheads/pixel peepers will spend hours discussing the finer points of the latest DSLR masterpiece from Canikon. He happily obliges them (notice how many times he says something like "This camera is the greatest ever, at any price!"

Why would he say that?

Because he understands it doesn't matter. Not in the least. And because it doesn't matter, its also completely true. That camera you want...the one that the marketing machine has convinced you you need and therefore you take to the interwebs looking for people to tell you not only that its great, but that you probably can't live without it...KR is there to push your button. He is there to tell you what you want to hear.

KR understands that every single iconic photograph taken in the 20th century was produced using a camera that was inferior to every single modern camera in every measurable way. In his hyperbole, he indulges the "measurebator" class that actually thinks it matters whether or not they "upgrade" from a D7000 to a D7100 (don't laugh: Surely we've all seen those discussion threads on photography forums. Guys will debate ENDLESSLY whether or not to get X or Y, when in reality they could buy something two generations back and never miss the difference). And they click his links and he makes whatever it is he makes (I actually doubt its all that much, but who cares anyway?).

And what amazes me is that all the while he is publishing his reviews, he is telling people that the reviews don't matter. And people still argue about them.


I've never met him, but I bet he is a very funny guy.