I'm sure anyone who is interested in photography and admires the work of Ansel Adams, wants to try to emulate him. Making matters worse is the constant bombardment of incredible vistas one sees when living in your hometown of Calgary Alberta. I grew up 80 miles away and the lure of the plains and foothills juxtaposed against the Rocky Mountains was like was a seductive woman beckoning you to her. I'm sure most people don't really know what it is like to live in an area like this and see the daily changes that occur and the opportunities that present themselves. I truly felt guilty not photographing the area while I lived there for 34 years.

However I loved faces. Not places. I love the landscape of the face not the landscape of the planet.

My initial ten years as a professional photographer was photographing the usual stuff. Portraits, families, weddings etc. I printed all my own work in color and did very well. It wasn't until I'd sold my business and moved to LA that I was able to distance myself (literally) from my work and see that I was really printing B&W, in color. I printed my color portraits in a contrasty, monotonic style that finally convinced me that I should be printing in black and white.

So now for the last seven years I have done my work almost exclusively in black and white and it feels like home.

Michael McBlane