Hi again folks.
I should have explained in more detail re the trip: I am photographing bears with guides from a bear viewing lodge in BC, for a feature story. This is my third trip doing so - I am from Australia so, taking into account some of the things that can eat/kill us over here (great white sharks, crocs, world's ten deadliest snakes, etc.) I would under no circumstances "chase" bears, in the literal sense. So I hope that clears up any impressions of craziness on my part.
I am guessing the meaning "chasing" got lost in translation as yes, that would definitely be the furthest thing from my mind!
The reason for asking was I am aware of the lighting conditions I will be shooting under so was wondering if anyone had shot in similar conditions - photographing similar subjects - and which film they had used and which lenses.
Thanks in advance for some constructive answers - and thanks for the tips re print film - much appreciated.