Hello Nick,

Welcome to APUG. Slide films - positive resulted films - are little bit more expensive to invest and develop but you will be amazed when you see the films in your hand. Ensign is one excellent camera and you dont need a expensive , heavy modern japanese camera to invest. All imposrant thing is how to compose and expose and develop. You can develop bw films in to positive with basic home development also. It is fun to avaluate and scan also.

You got the taste of quality of older lenses and true , there is no equivalent of these lenses today.

You can invest 15 Euro or more in to zeiss ikon folders and if your film fresh , if developer fresh and lab guy or you know what ever is going on , they are matchless cameras and 1/5 the weight of mamiya or bronica but better lenses if you invest in carl zeiss tessar lens.

All you need is a light meter preferably a spot light meter and may be a tripod and hand release.

Collecting these British , american , german cameras are any photographers dream.

Good luck,