I started a thread a while ago asking about what people thought of a few different cameras, I think it included Canon, Olympus and Nikon, and maybe a couple of others. Anyway I decided in the end that I would like to get the Nikon FM2n. But, now that that it's closer to the time that I start school I know that I will find it very hard to afford an FM2n with a couple of lenses, so I have been looking for an alternative. I recently found the nikon FE, it seems to be a lot cheaper than the FM2n so I would like to get an insight on how well it works and some advice from people who may have used this camera, just in case the lower price means that I lose a few features than I would have on an FM2n.

So far I know that the FE is likely to be a bit older than an FM2n, but as long as I get one in great condition that shouldn't be a problem.. right? Also is it correct that the FE has an aperture priority setting? As I would prefer a full manual camera.

Or if you know of any other models similar to the FM2n that you would recommend I would appreciate it (maybe FM2?)

Any help is much appreciated!