In keeping with my user name;
Another Olympus Pen VF camera. This early production one was not made by Olympus but by a subcontracter, Sanko Shoji. From Oct/1959 to May/1960 production of the original Pen viewfinder design was carried out by the subcontractor with final inspection and shipping to distributors by Olympus. In June 1960 Olympus took over production (and never could quite keep up with demand).

I've been looking for one of these for quite a bit.

The original Pen featured a 28mm 4 element 3 group f3.5 lens stopping down to f22, 28mm on 18X24mm half frame format has about the same angle of view as a 40mm lens on a 24X36mm full frame format. The whole lens rotates out to a close focus of just under 2 feet. The viewfinder has a projected bright frame, .5 magnification and extra markings for less than 3 feet. The shutter is a 2 blade Copal leaf w/X sync and speeds do 1/25~1/200 and B.

After cleaning the viewfinder and refoaming the back I've got my first roll, Ilford Pan F, in the camera and should have it finished shortly. I am a card carrying 'half frame nut' and just bring these cameras everywhere.