Or look for an FM instead of an FM2? The FM is the fully manual model from the same era as the FE. Both the FE & the FM will be over 30 years old though & if it hasn't already been done will need the foam seals & the mirror bumper cushion replacing.

Going back from an FM2 to an FE or FM will lose you shutter speeds (1/4000th for the FM2 vs 1/1000th for the older ones) and the flash synch will be slower although none of them have TTL flash.

Does the course that you are doing stipulate a fully manual camera or does it allow you to have one that has automatic modes & trust you not to use them? If the latter as well then as the FE maybe look at the F301 as they go for peanuts. Nowhere near the quality or handling of an FM2 but worth considering if you are on a budget. I paid 15 for one on ebay a few years back.

If you can I would go with what Rich815 has said & go for the FM2 & fewer lenses. It really is a lovely camera to use.

If you are unsure of features on the various models you can find their instruction manuals for download here: