Welcome to APUG , IMHO Agfa APX is the best bw film in the World. If you decide to shoot bw and development done by others , there is APUG supporters list at somewhere on the site. For 10 dollars or so , you get film , scan cd and online files.

There is mixed experiences for AGFA color films and Kodak Portra or Fuji Velvia does the job better.

Agfa Brovira and Portriga bw papers are legendary and finding is difficult.

And if you dont want to spend too much on heavy cameras and get Leica lens quality , Minox B and its film is also AGFA APX.

There is miniature film factory for fresh bw film at AGFA and I dont know its use with Minox but I will open a thread for that.

Agfa Rodinal is a special developer and you can buy it in different names.