rich815: I think that I would need some more versatility than one lens on the camera, and I'm not sure how much I would use the camera after the course as sending film off to be developed is expensive, and I often find it hard to regularly use a film camera, so would the FM2n still be worth the extra money?

BrianShaw: Thanks for your help, when you put it like that the auto feature actually sounds like something that I might want on a camera, although it is still not at all essential. Also the dependence on battery wouldn't be a problem for me, I will probably be able to carry spare batteries just in case anyway, and if I really need to I can use my Pentax K1000 or MX as backups (although the MX is so beat-up I think the light seals may be useless, I guess I'll find out when the film comes back!)

Ap507b: Am I right in thinking that both cameras are more or less identical other than the lack of the auto on the FM? Which isn't a problem. My teacher hasn't said anything about auto features being disallowed so I'm not sure, but I would probably be trusted not to use it, I much prefer using manual anyway, I never even use auto on my DSLR! The lack of 1/2000th and 1/4000th isn't a problem either, I've never wished I had higher than 1/1000th on my K1000 and MX. I would love to get an FM2n, and they went for good prices on eBay I would have one already, but they often go for up to 150, which I think is too much, especially since they normally don't come with a lens.

Once again thanks for everyone's help, much appreciated!