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To be fair I probably haven't been using film cameras long enough yet to have been in enough situations to know if I would need faster shutter speeds. I could re-sell but if I was to buy a new camera I would like to keep it and continue using it after the course, as I love using film. At the moment I have found an FE at a 5 starting bid, it's been for sale for a few days already and has no bids, so with luck it will stay cheap. If it does I think I might have to buy it!

Everyone else has answered all my questions, so now it mainly comes down to price. Lastly, I had not seen Maderik's post until now, that is a very good idea and I have actually been trying to do that, I got a Pentax 50mm f/1.7 recently, and have been trying to buy 28mm and 135mm lenses which would give me a great range. I was originally trying to buy a Nikon (the K1000 was given to me) so I always preferred them, but the K1000 is still great to use. Also aren't Nikon lenses known for having much better quality? This really appeals to me. I could always get and FE with 50mm lens for general work, and get the lenses I want for the K1000 for when I need a greater range. How does that sound?
While many people always wanted high top shutter speed as well as high flash sync speed. I have been using film cameras more than 40 years I never wish to have shutter speed higher than 1/1000 although my first camera did have 1/2000 and I do now own camera with speed of 1/8000 but I never use such high speed. I think with digital one can have very high ISO setting then the high shutter speed is more important. For me my film speed is around 100 and 160 and I prefer to use aperture of 5.6 and smaller so high shutter speed isn't important at all for me. You do have the MX which to me just as good as the FM. I have to say that I don't care for the K1000.