The attached photo is of 2 lenses I recently acquired on ebay. I had waited a long time for a poor-man's deal to come along. Bothwere $140+ or -. The black one is a Bausch and Lomb, stamped 1912 on the back. I bought it first, with a non-working shutter. When it came I got apprehensive about my ability to repair the shutter, and the Ilex one showed up in the listings, so I bought it too, just in case. As it turns out I got the Betax shutter working beautifully, and the glass is absolutely flawless. The Caltar/Ilex had no shutter issues, but does have nicks in the back glass--we'll call them scratches. So which is the better lens? Which has more coverage? Which one to keep, and which to list on ebay? Thanks PS I might mention for the purpose of this post, I just slapped them down on the flatbed of my copier and imported them through the Fiery.