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Hopefully you hear back from Steve in due course, he probably has been rather busy.
I thought he's already said he isn't doing it unless its a single role of something guaranteed to be amazing like a shot of big foot or the third gunmen on the greasy knoll or a recent shot of bobby fisher.... Haha

Seriously he said he wasn't doing whole batches of film just one roll of something important.

It sucks that this space shuttle guy doesn't have his rolls done, but he knew it was happening and was doing this space shuttle launch thing and hasn't finished it in time, yet expects someone to process it anyway...

I was short on money and had to borrow money to get my rolls processed, but I got them in, and done. I had 15 rolls left I just couldn't afford to process, but I didn't shoot them I hopes someone would later.... Now I have over 100 rolls and I'm shooting them as B&W because I know they will never be color... Sad... But that's the reality...

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